Maui Summernight

Maui Summernight


Black elegance meets modern design and stylish features. From its completely matt black design to the metal details, this is a really great combination with any summer outfit, which makes the Maui Summernight a very special accessory. Whether you're in a bikini on a Hawaiian beach or a party dress in the hottest clubs on the island, the Maui Summernight will never let you down thanks to its high-quality workmanship and the lenses with EU category 3 UV protection. It also comes packaged in a stylish wooden box with a high-quality leather strap.

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You prefer larger watches and like to make a statement? Wear our campus with a diameter of 40mm and stand out. Most men go for the Campus.


You have a small wrist and are looking for a delicate model? Then the Campina with a diameter of 36mm is the right choice for you.


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