Joy Grey Velvet Leather
Joy Grey Velvet Leather
Joy Grey Velvet Leather

Joy Grey Velvet Leather


Grey is urban, modern and classy. A trendy colour, ideal for all fashionistas, light grey is the perfect fit for our feminine Joy collection. The Joy Grey Velvet Leather lets you show off your flair for trends and create the coolest looks! Whether subtle and minimalist, sporty and casual, or classic and elegant – the Joy Grey Velvet Leather suits every style. Its slim velvet leather strap fits comfortably and softly on your delicate wrist. The gold case adds an even more unique look to the watch with a touch of glamour. With a delicate 32 mm diameter and classic white dial, the case compliments your look and shows your attention to detail. The combination of gold and grey – of classic elegance and urban modernity – makes your Joy Grey Velvet Leather both versatile and exciting – suiting you and your life!

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You prefer larger watches and like to make a statement? Wear our campus with a diameter of 40mm and stand out. Most men go for the Campus.


You have a small wrist and are looking for a delicate model? Then the Campina with a diameter of 36mm is the right choice for you.


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